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A long time ago a friend gave me lots of small cross stitch kits. I didn’t make more than a few of them at the time because I needed to get me some reading glasses first. Then I got very much into knitting and now I’ve decided I need to finish one every now and then to slowly make some room in my workspace. I have decided to finish all the card projects first. This is the one I’ve started on first, I can’t show you more of it yet as I’m going to send it to someone soon as a surprise, the end result will be ready to show in about a month.

I also found a tablecloth I really need to finish, but I do not like the colours: it is in yellow fabric with brown cross stitched flowers, very seventies and hip today but so not to my taste! So that must be given away too I guess.

I looked out the window into the garden yesterday and realized spring will be here soon and it’s time to plan my kitchen garden plot. Also the place needs a good tidying up by hubby and maybe son 3 who has spring break from his school this week. He will defenitely do some pruning of our willow tree! Also the chicken run needs a good roof over it. Maybe we could do something creative with the branches of the willow tree?



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