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The joy of having chickens

There’s no sun today and drizzly rain, not much fun to go outside. I’ve just done my excercises and have added one more:

I also wanted to start on a dietplan that came free with the newspaper, but as it turns out I would be eating about twice the amount of food I normally do, so I may have to rethink that.

Every morning hubby makes porridge for the chickens and mixes it up with leftovers from last night’s dinner (if it’s good for them) and they just love it.

We have 3 Sussex hens and one Leghorn hen. We wanted to have four Sussex hens but one of them turned out to be a male so the lady we bought them from kindly let us swap him for a hen. But she didn’t have any Sussex chickens anymore, just Leghorn.

I much prefer the sweet natured docile Sussex hens to the timid and easily frightened Leghorn. I’m already looking forward to being out in the garden with our lady’s out and about looking for grubs and weeding for me where I can’t reach. I need to make a fence around my vegetable plot so they can be out more without uprooting and eating my veggies. The eggs of the Sussex hens are also bigger so that’s nice as well, because the reward for giving them nice food is …

…lovely fresh eggs! They are almost up to laying one egg each everyday so we are eating more eggs and I will be baking cakes again soon.


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