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I’ve been busy this weekend.

On saturday we had to go to the policestation to make another statement about our neighbour’s son, hopefully this will mean he will be committed to the local psychiatric hospital in a closed ward for a while, I think the judges will rule about this in a few days so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

In the afternoon we went to a charity sale and a charity shop about 15 km from our town. We found this:

I love these books and have read them all in Dutch and have read them to son 4 as well, but since son 4 is in a bilingual school I think it will be useful and fun to reread them in English, so this was a nice find for 1 euro a piece.

We also found this set of Flora porcelain:

It’s pretty useless to us as no one in our family smokes, but hey who says it has to be an ashtrey and sigaretholder? It could just as easily be used to keep hairpins and teaspoons or something like that! At 5 euro for the set it was a bit more expensive than I usually pay and I had to think hard if I would buy it, but the lady threw in a nice teastrainer and holder in for 1 euro so that made it ok for me. For the time being it is sitting on a shelf with other pretty things and more Flora porcelain. I collect mostly British porcelain but Flora is typically Dutch and not the standard Delftware and I like the look of it so I decided to collect this as well.

I have started a new project: a cross stitched cushion (scent cushion maybe?) It had no chart in the kit so it’s a bit of a challenge,

And the reason I’m blogging in the middle of the afternoon is this:

I’ve given my hair a henna treatment this morning and have been walking around with a head full of henna and without glasses, so I couldn’t do very much. I have finished the game Portal 2 on the playstation with a little help from son 4 last night. This was my first time ever on a playstation so I needed some help from time to time as I had trouble with the more complicated and fast bits. Now that I’m more comfortable with using a controller I have started again, to do it all by myself this time I hope. So I have been sitting very close to the tv gaming away the time needed for the henna to work. I chose my usual auburn colour. I have dyed my hair in the past and I don’t want to do this anymore so the red is to mask the growing-out of coloured hair and cover my grey hairs šŸ˜‰

Now I have to be off, helping son 4 cutting a guinea pig’s nails…


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