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Bittersweet memories

Hi everyone,

Being sore and stiff from falling yesterday I’ve been sat at the computer most of this morning sorting out cdr’s and looking at old pictures, I’ve also sorted out the scarves and hats that can go into storage until next winter. Both of those chores invoked a lot of memories:

In 2001 I used to do a lot of weaving, Most of it I gave away but these scarves were for my sons and me, they have been worn well. Lots of happy memory’s…

We had an old caravan on a piece of wasteland where we stayed during the daytime and weekends together with a group of artists. Hubby designed the pattern on the caravan and the whole family helped painting the colours with carpaint from the seventies.

This was our bicycle, he painted that as well and he still has it. Son 4 was just four years old then and he would sit in the crate when his dad took him to school.

Some more pic’s taken during a community project we did with this group in the spot where vandals had burnt a school and community centre down.



















Hubby, me, son 4 and two of our dogs watching capoeira.


And son 2,3 and 4 and me holding Mushu watching panna.





While looking through all the photographs I found lot’s of doggypic’s from the time I used to breed Shih tzu dogs. So here come lot’s of cute little puppypic’s and some of my beloved Mushu.

Sometimes you just have a special bond.

Mushu’s daughter Brianna

Below cute pic’s of son 3’s dog Chewbacca – Mushu’s son growing up

Just a little baby, eyes still closed

His favorite position: on his back in someone’s lap

Puppy love

Learning to drink from a waterbottle

This is a different puppy fallen alseep on the scales

Brianna’s brother at 8 weeks

Brianna’s tiny sister at 5 weeks old and learning to walk on a leash. And this is why I don’t breed dogs anymore: such small dogs means having to bend down a lot.

Enough cuteness!

In going through the scarves a failed project turned up: slippers made from wool that wouldn’t felt:


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