what I make, thrifting and more

Some more words

Little girl




Where does she fit in?

Wants to be wanted

Boy or girl

Should she be made to make a choice?

Short hair

Girly dress

Boyish Shoes

Are they trying to confuse?

Growing and changing

Tries to fit the mould

But it is an obscure thing

She wants to fit in

She cannot fit in

She will not fit this mould


Not a magazine picture

She wants to be in 3D

She’s a Technicolor person

But only the grays are allowed

Aiming to please

Longing to be loved

She tries to curb and bend

But almost explodes out

Insanity is around the corner

She needs to be saved



The cage that’s built around her

It will not be broken down

It lasts forever

But slowly cracks appear

Technicolor shards pour out

Most will just ignore them

But some will see

The Technicolor person inside of me


Comments on: "Some more words" (2)

  1. Your poem is packed with sincerity. It’s quite lovely.

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