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Sugary thoughts

Hi all,
I wasn’t going to reblog anything again today but I came across this post and as I am rethinking the way I eat, I thought I’d share it with you.

Having been raised on sugar on my bread, in my porridge and sweetened drinks and even sweetened medicine and toothpaste!-what were my parents thinking in the sixties and seventies?- the thought of omitting all refined sugar scares the living daylights out of me! ¬†My name is Sandra and I am a sweetaholic…

I have made baby steps toward less sugar: sweetener in my tea and eating yoghurt with granola in the morning (sweetener in the yoghurt but sadly still chocolate in the granola,  although much better than bread and chocolate sprinkles), but more is needed.
I suffer from rheumatic pains in my joints and am overweight so, unless I want to be on painkillers all day-which I don’t – I will have to start thinking about my diet and how it can contribute in feeling better.
I have started with no longer drinking soda’s. At the moment I replace them with orange juice from the shop, but I will be going fresh next week (after market day) and every afternoon I eat a banana dipped in cinnamon as cinnamon is beneficial.
Next I will be looking at other foods and vitamins and supplements.

But this post got me thinking about my sugar intake and how it may affect my health at the moment.
I’ll keep you posted about what changes I will make and how I feel.
Have a lovely day

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! I am so thrilled to hear your personal story and your plight to reduce your sugar intake. I think you are right to slowly decrease the amount rather than going cold-turkey. Sugar intake leads to such a biochemical response in our brains and bodies that cold turkey can really mess you up! Although some people like it, most don’t survive it!

    Once you find that ditching the soda is “normal” (GOOD FOR YOU!!!), I suggest ditching the fruit juices next. You can try switching to coconut water or water flavored with fresh fruit. Even sparkling water helps some people switch out the soda and fruit juice habits.

    Sweetened soda and fruit drinks (even natural ones like OJ) are a HUGE hit to your caloric level each day. It’s like drinking away hundreds of calories you could have used for food! Food that would leave you feeling much more satisfied than a drink ever could.

    Good luck!

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