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Old finds and old projects

Goodmorning everyone!

My morning didn’t have such a good start, I was still a bit sleepy coming down the stairs this morning. At the bottom of the stairs is a small passage with doors to the kitchen and livingroom. In the livingroom doorway we now have a fence to keep son 3’s boy-dog seperate from my girl-dog who is in heat. I tripped coming down the last step and nearly tumbled straight into the livingroom over said fence auch! My ribs were not so happy anymore!

While I’m sitting here at the computer, my neighbour is vacuming his paving in the garden. I know it’s effective but it still seems like a silly thing to do. He’s in the cleaning business so he uses special equipment. The chickens are very interested, they are standing in a row looking at him through the hedge.

I’m still organizing my workspace, the big cupboard is done and I’m halfway clearing the surfaces and tidying the shelves, so I’m slowly getting there. It takes some time because I have to look at every little thing I’ve got and decide if I really, réally need it. And there is a lot I don’t need anymore and needs to be sold or thrown out.

There were a few treasures up there I had forgotten about like these little hangers with Brussels Lace in them

(excuse the poor quality of the photo’s I was out of camera batteries and had to take them with my phone and that’s no good for close-ups)

I bought them all together with the bigger pieces of lace and handkerchief for just a few euro’s and this top one turned out to be silver, so quite a good find!

This one is also nice as it has the first letter of our family name in it .

I think this is tatting?

And finally the lovely new lace handkerchief

Judging by the name attatched to one of the bigger pieces they were either owned by a nun or made by a nun.

I also found a quilt that had been mislaid, I remember I bought the dog-related material when we were on holiday in Norg (Drenthe)

We had just picked up my little shih tzu dog Mushu at a breeders place in Limburg where she had had a date with their stud dog so my mind was very much on dogs and puppy’s at the time. Sadly she was poisoned by someone in our neighbourhood later, but we still have her son.

I machine-quilted it with a doggy theme.

It was also time to put a new picture on the picture rail, I still had my  Embroidered Christmas Toy Shop up. This one I made a few years back

I also found two pictures to frame. My mother, who used to do a lot of cross stitching made this rabbit for me.

And this sweet little hedgehog came as a gift with The World of Cross Stitching ,

I used frames found at a charity shop and in the rectangular one was a card made by a local artist and when I took it out I discovered that it is a scene from a village I used to live in from the age of 12 until I married. My dad used to have an allotment there and these days it no longer looks like the picture: all new houses, but the windmill is still there and working.

The girls are out!


Today is another sunny but slightly chilly morning. The hens have all had their wingfeathers clipped (for anyone who is wondering: no there was no blood or cutting of bones involved as some seem to think when you speak of clipping wings) Hubby likes it a lot when they walk around him in the garden when he’s working there, but we don’t want the girls to go over the fence into the neighbour’s garden or worse into the street so they have to have their wings clipped. Our Leghorn doesn’t like it one bit, she does not want to be held, although she will sit on your hand like a parrot

The Sussex hens just love the attention, they would sit in your lap if you gave them the chance…

Now they are ready to do some gardening for me…

They are much faster at removing the grass from inbetween the stones

They are also very good at loosening the soil to get it ready for planting, although they make a big mess of it on the paving while they’re at it.

Work is being done on the new roof for their home, more of that later. I’ve been busy sorting out sewing yarns and mending clothes and my men’s-shirt-blouse is ready

I’ve also glued the broken lid of  my penbox. I seem to have a “thing” for boxes and tins. It is something old and nice looking to collect and the fact that they are always useful to keep small objects in is a good excuse to buy more of them. But actually it is a bit of an addiction so I now try to be more selective in what I buy. But boy do they come in handy in my ADD household where everything small gets mislaid never to be found again. This way I can at least keep my own belongings safe! But there is still a problem…you just don’t stick a label on such pretty boxes, so I seem to be forever opening boxes and tins when I want something but can’t remember which one it’s in. Any suggestions anyone? 🙂

This one has a lovely lid I think with a little mother of pearl inlay in the middle. I think I bought it on Koninginnedag (our Queen’s birthday) last year.

I’ve also been looking through a few drawers of crafting material, books and patterns and such and did a big cull. One pile to go in the attic for later use. One pile to sell on the internet and one pile to throw away. My drawers look nice and organized now, but there is one downside: I have found some more embroidery kits to finish so my UFO basket is filling up again.

A pruned tree!

Goodmorning! When I look out the window I see the birds investigating our willowtree. Finally it has been decided that buying a new blade for our treesaw would be the best thing to do and then it was just 20 minutes before all, yes áll the branches were off!

Now the big branches are waiting to be cut to size for the roof of the chickencoop. Once that’s done it is time for the annual tidying-up of the yard and cleaning the pavement.

Meanwhile I have been busy cross stitching

I needed to finish before lunch, because I was planning to do some mending in the afternoon and

with the sewing machine out I could also put the cushion together. Now it just needs filling up with herbs and a ribbon attached so it can go in the closet.

After doing my pile of mending I thought I’d better clean and oil my sewing machine. I have been sadly neglecting my trusty machine and had never attempted to open it up to clean other than the bit where the bobbin goes. So I went online to search for a tutorial and found this usefull video: sewing machine maintenance

After watching I was confident enough to open up the machine and do some dusting. No oil yet, I will have to buy some today. This morning I will be continuing the cleaning because I haven’t yet managed to open the top and the side where the belt is located. My machine is a Brother super ace 3 and a bit more complicated than the one shown in the video.

I’ve also started clearing up the mess in my workroom in the attic. Unfortunately living with three people with ADD  means that however hard I try to keep it tidy, eventually someone wíll drop stuff in there when they are looking for something in the attic or clearing out junk from their studio (son 3 – KratosHimself – is studying to be a music producer and has made a studio in the bedroom in the attic which is overflowing with musical instruments and lots and lots of records and computer equipment ) To make matters worse hubby decided to ‘help’ me by reorganizing my workroom when I was ill, and now I can’t find anything anymore. So I guess I will be up there a lot this week…



The joy of having chickens

There’s no sun today and drizzly rain, not much fun to go outside. I’ve just done my excercises and have added one more:

I also wanted to start on a dietplan that came free with the newspaper, but as it turns out I would be eating about twice the amount of food I normally do, so I may have to rethink that.

Every morning hubby makes porridge for the chickens and mixes it up with leftovers from last night’s dinner (if it’s good for them) and they just love it.

We have 3 Sussex hens and one Leghorn hen. We wanted to have four Sussex hens but one of them turned out to be a male so the lady we bought them from kindly let us swap him for a hen. But she didn’t have any Sussex chickens anymore, just Leghorn.

I much prefer the sweet natured docile Sussex hens to the timid and easily frightened Leghorn. I’m already looking forward to being out in the garden with our lady’s out and about looking for grubs and weeding for me where I can’t reach. I need to make a fence around my vegetable plot so they can be out more without uprooting and eating my veggies. The eggs of the Sussex hens are also bigger so that’s nice as well, because the reward for giving them nice food is …

…lovely fresh eggs! They are almost up to laying one egg each everyday so we are eating more eggs and I will be baking cakes again soon.

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