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Old finds and old projects

Goodmorning everyone!

My morning didn’t have such a good start, I was still a bit sleepy coming down the stairs this morning. At the bottom of the stairs is a small passage with doors to the kitchen and livingroom. In the livingroom doorway we now have a fence to keep son 3’s boy-dog seperate from my girl-dog who is in heat. I tripped coming down the last step and nearly tumbled straight into the livingroom over said fence auch! My ribs were not so happy anymore!

While I’m sitting here at the computer, my neighbour is vacuming his paving in the garden. I know it’s effective but it still seems like a silly thing to do. He’s in the cleaning business so he uses special equipment. The chickens are very interested, they are standing in a row looking at him through the hedge.

I’m still organizing my workspace, the big cupboard is done and I’m halfway clearing the surfaces and tidying the shelves, so I’m slowly getting there. It takes some time because I have to look at every little thing I’ve got and decide if I really, réally need it. And there is a lot I don’t need anymore and needs to be sold or thrown out.

There were a few treasures up there I had forgotten about like these little hangers with Brussels Lace in them

(excuse the poor quality of the photo’s I was out of camera batteries and had to take them with my phone and that’s no good for close-ups)

I bought them all together with the bigger pieces of lace and handkerchief for just a few euro’s and this top one turned out to be silver, so quite a good find!

This one is also nice as it has the first letter of our family name in it .

I think this is tatting?

And finally the lovely new lace handkerchief

Judging by the name attatched to one of the bigger pieces they were either owned by a nun or made by a nun.

I also found a quilt that had been mislaid, I remember I bought the dog-related material when we were on holiday in Norg (Drenthe)

We had just picked up my little shih tzu dog Mushu at a breeders place in Limburg where she had had a date with their stud dog so my mind was very much on dogs and puppy’s at the time. Sadly she was poisoned by someone in our neighbourhood later, but we still have her son.

I machine-quilted it with a doggy theme.

It was also time to put a new picture on the picture rail, I still had my  Embroidered Christmas Toy Shop up. This one I made a few years back

I also found two pictures to frame. My mother, who used to do a lot of cross stitching made this rabbit for me.

And this sweet little hedgehog came as a gift with The World of Cross Stitching ,

I used frames found at a charity shop and in the rectangular one was a card made by a local artist and when I took it out I discovered that it is a scene from a village I used to live in from the age of 12 until I married. My dad used to have an allotment there and these days it no longer looks like the picture: all new houses, but the windmill is still there and working.

New old table/nieuwe oude tafel

We don’t have a large livingroom and we are supposed to have the dining table in the kitchen. But the kitchen is always cold in winter and very gloomy as it is northfacing, so we don’t like sitting there much. At Christmas we always put the table in the livingroom for a few days so that we can eat comfortably with the whole family.


We hebben geen grote woonkamer en het is eigenlijk de bedoeling dat de eettafel in de keuken staat. Maar in de keuken is het altijd koud in de winter en heel ongezellig omdat het de noordkant is dus we zitten daar niet graag. Als het kerstmis is zetten we altijd de tafel een paar dagen in de woonkamer zodat we met het hele gezin gezellig kunnen eten.

This year we left the table there because we like it so much. But I must admit it was a bit to full, so full we couldn’t fit the coffeetable in anymore. It is a big table that can be made even bigger. So after much deliberation we decided to try and find an oldfashioned talble with sliding blades. That wasn’t so easy, especially because I don’t like spending much money! In the end we did get the desired table, it was a gift from son 1’s friend. It was also delivered on our doorstep by said son, what a luxury. Now everything is in order in our livingroom and the big table is back where it belongs: in the kitchen. Having the table in the livingroom is especially nice for son 2’s little dog. Being a reincarnated cat in a very small dogs body he likes to lay on the table in the sun with me.


Dit jaar is de tafel gewoon blijven staan omdat we het zo gezellig vinden. Maar eigenlijk was het wel een beetje te vol, zo vol dat de salontafel er niet meer bij paste. Het is een extra grote tafel die ook nog eens uitgeklapt kan worden. Dus na rijp beraad besloten we op zoek te gaan naar een ouderwetse “uitschuiftafel”. Dat viel nog niet zo mee, vooral omdat ik liefst zo min mogelijk uitgeef! Uiteindelijk is hij er dan toch gekomen, gekregen van een vriend van zoon 1. Hij werd ook nog eens thuisbezorgd door desbetreffende zoon, wat een luxe. Nu staat alles dan eindelijk weer netjes in de kamer en staat de keukentafel weer waar hij hoort: in de keuken. Vooral voor het hondje van zoon 2 is het fijn dat de tafel in de kamer blijft. Als gereïncarneerde kat in een heel klein hondenlijfje ligt hij het liefst bij mij op tafel in de zon.

Of course a dog shouldn’t be lying there, but he is a bit special and we secretly spoil him a bit and luckily he is too small to be able to jump up on the table himself. I admit: I do like having him there too.


Natuurlijk hoort een hond daar eigenlijk niet te liggen, maar ja hij is een beetje speciaal en wordt dus stiekem een beetje verwend en gelukkig is hij te klein om zelf op tafel te kunnen springen. En eigenlijk vind ik het ook wel heel gezellig zo.

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