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catching up

Hi readers,

Over the last few days I just could not find the time to blog, too busy with other things – mainly crochet, you will see the results soon.

Blogging often means editing photographs first, for me at least it does. So that is what I did this morning and I had a lot of fun doing so!

Here are some of the results: Son 4 wanted me to take some pictures of him playing the guitar and in his stage outfit…




Last week it was spring holiday for him so he went along to some of the thrift shops that are a bit further away and here are some of my treasures


I fond this lovely dark blue Creation Gabrielle handbag at Goodwill in Kapelle. It’s a leather bag in very good condition and it cost me just 1,50 euro. I just looked the bag up on google and found one for sale for 12,95 so I think I did o.k. here! It is not my preferred style but it is very practical so I guess I’ll use it a lot.

I found another handbag in the shop for Romania in Grijpskerke, it’s a lot older and in terrible condition, the moths have had a great meal of it! It was just 1 euro and I bought it to use the lovely clasp.


Can you see the moth holes in the wool fabric around the clasp?

I hope I will be able to attach new fabric in the same shape.


In the same shop I found this book, a little more expensive than I would like for a book – 3 euro – but in mint condition and something to keep for future generations as it talks about the history of homemaking from the eighteen-hundreds up to the nineteen-eighty’s.

It has lot’s of photographs that bring back childhood memories




We also went to Middelburg and there I found this pretty vase with an etched flower on it


I’m not sure how old it is but it is handblown and I love the shape of it, isn’t it amazing what lovely things you can buy for just a few

euro cents?

Yesterday the weather changed and it was a lovely sunny day just like today with temperatures of around 12 degrees C, so we went for a walk  and halfway sat down to look at the passing traffic and comment on people’s coats and scarfs. We saw quite a variety of styles, some nice, some you could only describe as ‘ strange’ .


This was our view from the bench.

Today is another lovely sunny day, 15 degrees today!  And this afternoon I’m going to the thrift shops in Kapelle with my parents.

I hope you will have a lovely day too.


Hello everyone,

Yesterday was my dad’s 84th birthday. They have a nice venue in the appartment building where they live so all the relatives can come.

My sister and her husband do the catering and my niece is the waitress for the day and that way my parents can enjoy the day without wearing themselves out.

Although it is always nice to see all the relatives that live far away I’m always exhausted after a day like that. I tend to pick up on all the emotions and tensions there may be between everybody and it drains away my energy. so today was a day of recovering from that. Not much was produced, apart from cutting off the sleeves of my cardigan due to a hole appearing in one elbow and making it into a short-sleeved cardigan

Birthday boy chatting with my mum’s sister. Strange things happened with the photographs because of the enormous amount of light coming in from the side.

There was an Easter theme going on

Everyone having a good time

Talking about times past, r.t.l. my mum, auntie, 2 cousins

Rummaging in the attic

Hi there, it’s going to be another unseasonably warm day today, even warmer than yesterday! They promise us it will be nice until the weekend when we will have temperatures that are more normal for March. As it’s so warm already there’s a need for lighter clothes, so yesterday we went upstairs to get our summer clothes out of storage and in the meantime have a little bit of a clear out. Over the winter months a lot of “stuff” had been put up there instead of being thrown away and it was getting a bit too much. So we had a good rummage around and threw a lot of unwanted items away and also found a few forgotten  treasures, like these items that were in a trunk we had from a house clearance. We got rid of the trunk but kept the clothing…

A bridal purse and cap, all hand stitched

And this bridal headdress

I may be wearing it the wrong way around. It was hard to see how to wear it as it was so out of shape, but now I’ve washed it and bended the frame a bit and I think  it should be front to back

There was also this clergy band, also hand made

These lovely Dutch potholders in cross stitch from, I guess, the fifties

Wouldn’t it be nice to use them on Koninginnedag (the Queen’s birthday) and Bevrijdingsdag (when we celebrate the end of WW2 and our freedom)?

And last but certainly not least, this lovely evening dress with a small train, also handmade.

Look at the detail…

The items are all dirty and I will be gently washing them today. I’m not sure what to do with all of them yet. I may keep the smaller items for the bride. The dress is way to small for me to ever be able to wear, even without the weight I’m a broad shouldered person so I would not fit in a small dress like this. If it comes out of the wash looking nice I may decide to put it up for sale, so someone else can wear it.

I also found a box full of tins. These were really lovely I think so I will use them in my workroom.

I also made the peg bag and one extra for son 2 who had requested one for himself out of material I also found in the attic.

Have a lovely day

Vegetables and thrifting


It was supposed to rain this morning but it seems the wind has blown most of the rain clouds away already. I’m hoping it will be dry and sunny later today because I want to go out for a walk with Binti. I’m still exercising everyday and I’m now up to 20 repeats and slowly nearing the end of stage 1 of the program, but not this morning. Yesterday I did some planting and I’m still suffering from backache because of it so I’ll do walking instead.

I also hope to finish another cross stitch picture my mum made a while ago, just a few more back-stitches to do

Yesterday we went to a flea market in Hansweert and we bought a glass coffee table for son 2 for just 5 euro’s

It has the shape of the one in the left picture (sorry forgot to take a picture) and the legs of the one in the right picture.

Instead of the legs he plans to use a Chevrolet car engine.

I also found this milk jug to replace mine that had a chip, 50 euro cents

And Hubby wanted these hose connectors (2 euro’s)

On the way back we went to the Dorcas shop to buy these shoes for son 2  for 4 euro’s

A new basket for the cutlery, also 50 euro cents

This will get a fabric liner later

When we got home it was time for lunch and in the afternoon I had to plant my vegetables I had also bought that morning

5 cabbage turnips, 10 lettuce plants and 10 endive plants

My veggy patch is almost full now, just a few herb plants will go in later and maybe something small along one of the sides.

It is still a bit too cold for some of the plants to go unprotected so a frame for a polytunnel was put up


a bit of plastic for a temporary cover. We will be going to son 1’s workplace later this week and buy some polytunnel-plastic designed for the purpose.

I also mowed the lawn. No we do not have a lawn in our yard, but this is how son 2 calls the hair on his head 🙂

And I made an insert into the neckline of a new t-shirt he bought online the other day, which was way to low-cut.

I cut the front out of an older grey t-shirt and put it inside the new one

problem solved

The girls are out!


Today is another sunny but slightly chilly morning. The hens have all had their wingfeathers clipped (for anyone who is wondering: no there was no blood or cutting of bones involved as some seem to think when you speak of clipping wings) Hubby likes it a lot when they walk around him in the garden when he’s working there, but we don’t want the girls to go over the fence into the neighbour’s garden or worse into the street so they have to have their wings clipped. Our Leghorn doesn’t like it one bit, she does not want to be held, although she will sit on your hand like a parrot

The Sussex hens just love the attention, they would sit in your lap if you gave them the chance…

Now they are ready to do some gardening for me…

They are much faster at removing the grass from inbetween the stones

They are also very good at loosening the soil to get it ready for planting, although they make a big mess of it on the paving while they’re at it.

Work is being done on the new roof for their home, more of that later. I’ve been busy sorting out sewing yarns and mending clothes and my men’s-shirt-blouse is ready

I’ve also glued the broken lid of  my penbox. I seem to have a “thing” for boxes and tins. It is something old and nice looking to collect and the fact that they are always useful to keep small objects in is a good excuse to buy more of them. But actually it is a bit of an addiction so I now try to be more selective in what I buy. But boy do they come in handy in my ADD household where everything small gets mislaid never to be found again. This way I can at least keep my own belongings safe! But there is still a problem…you just don’t stick a label on such pretty boxes, so I seem to be forever opening boxes and tins when I want something but can’t remember which one it’s in. Any suggestions anyone? 🙂

This one has a lovely lid I think with a little mother of pearl inlay in the middle. I think I bought it on Koninginnedag (our Queen’s birthday) last year.

I’ve also been looking through a few drawers of crafting material, books and patterns and such and did a big cull. One pile to go in the attic for later use. One pile to sell on the internet and one pile to throw away. My drawers look nice and organized now, but there is one downside: I have found some more embroidery kits to finish so my UFO basket is filling up again.

Finishing projects

It ‘s a foggy gloomy day today, yesterday before bed I looked out the window and could not see the houses at the end of the street. Now the fog has cleared somewhat but it is still a dark day and it is time to finish a few projects:

The pruning job is taking forever it seems. There is much discussion about what tools to use and very little actual cutting down of branches, ah well I guess it will get done someday soon…

The “house-card” is finished and a new card has been selected to make next.

Also I have finished some alterations on a recycled men’s shirt. I had taken off the top part of the collar and the bottom part of the sleeves just below the elbow and finished them of with some crochet edging. I had also sewn on more feminine buttons. But I didn’t like it very much that way. After finishing I discovered a stain around the top button so I had to wear it all buttoned up with a brooch and it made me feel very uncomfortable. So today I decided to cut out the part with the stain and also make some tucks in front for a high waistline. I sewed some ribbon around the neckline. I was quite pleased with the result, but tonight one of the buttons fell apart of it’s own accord so now I will have to find and sew on different buttons to finish the shirt.

I leave you with a picture of the recycled lamp on my nightstand:

New apron

Yesterday I didn’t get to finish anything. Son 4 had an extra long session with his ADD-coach so that took up some time in the afternoon.

Also I deciced to playPortal 2 for a while and completely lost track of time. I love this game, the only game I play on the playstation by the way, but I will set a timer next time to remind me to stop 🙂

Today I hope to get some housework done and finish my projects. I’ve already dressed for the task:

I’ve found a new, yes brand new, apron. It had the card still attached.

The card looks very fifties in style but I’m not sure if the apron is actually that old. I will have to do some research to find out.

I love the detail and the style of it:

I just love wearing aprons, somehow it makes me feel very feminine.

Thrifting/Rondje tweedehandswinkels

Tuesday was the first day this month I felt reasonably fit again and it was a nice sunny day so we: me, hubby and son 4 got out together to see what was in the thriftshops.


Dinsdag was de eerste dag dat ik me weer redelijk fit voelde en het was stralend weer dus zijn we: ik, manlief en zoon 4 er samen op uitgetrokken om eens lekker in de tweedehandswinkels te snuffelen.

I faithfully keep every mourning, marriage and birth card in a scrapbook, but after 27 years it didn’t look so nice anymore (left) fortunately I found a new scrapbook.


Ik bewaar altijd rouw,trouw en geboortekaartjes in een plakboek, maar na 27 jaar zag het er niet meer zo netjes uit (links) gelukkig vond ik een nieuw exemplaar.

I just had to add a nice bit of paper (thank you Flow magazine!) and a label with a nice picture to get a nice looking scrapbook for all the cards. It wasn’t so easy to get all the cards out of the old map without damaging them, but I did achieve it in the end and after sorting out and putting away all the cards from people I’m no longer in contact with it looks nice again.


Even een leuk papiertje (dankjewel Flow!) en een etiket met leuk plaatje en ik heb weer een frisse map voor alle kaarten. Het was nog een heel gedoe om alle kaarten heel uit de oude map te halen, maar het is gelukt en nadat ik alle kaarten van mensen waar ik geen contact meer mee heb er uit heb gelaten ziet het er weer netjes uit.

My adress book was also a bit damaged and full of data that was no longer up to date, so this adress book was also a welcome find. The old adress book did have quite a bit of empty pages and I kept those to recycle, more about that later.


Ook mijn adresboek was wat gehavend en stond vol met adressen die niet meer up to date waren, dus dit was ook een welkome vondst. Het oude adresboek had nog aardig wat lege blaadjes en die heb ik bewaard om te recyclen, daarover later meer.

In the same shop I found these nice summer shoes, I can’t wait to put them on. I’m not sure about the cost of every item because we also found a stack of computergames for son 4 and two tablecloths for the garden table and we payed 10 euro’s for the lot.


In dezelfde winkel vond ik deze leuke zomerschoenen, ik kan niet wachten tot ik ze kan dragen. Ik weet niet precies wat alles kost per stuk want we hadden ook nog een stapel computerspelletjes voor zoon 4 en 2 tafelkleden voor de tuintafel en we kregen alles mee voor 10 euro.

In another shop I found this camisole by M&S fashion, 55% linnen, 45% cotton, 2 euro’s 50 cents, and that I cán wear now under a t-shirt.


In een andere winkel vond ik dit hemdje van M & S mode, 55% linnen, 45% katoen, 2 euro 50, en dat kan onder een t-shirt al wél gedragen worden.

In this shop I also found this book for 2 euro’s. Because of my bad back I can’t really excercise a lot and it seems these excercises are doable. I have done the arm and neck excercises, but I haven’t gotten to the rest yet because I struggle to learn things like this : having bad motor skills 🙂

Just before leaving hubby and son went to check out the furniture section, because we have been looking for a new chair  for ages – one you can lounge in watching tv and gaming – and a replacement for my electric stand-up/reclining chair. And now look what we found!:


In deze winkel vond ik ook dit boek voor 2 euro. Door mijn rugklachten kan ik niet echt sporten en het lijkt er op dat deze oefeningen wel te doen zijn. Ik heb de arm en nek oefeningen al geprobeerd, maar verder ben ik niet gekomen want ik heb altijd veel moeite zulke dingen uit mijn hoofd te leren: motorisch onhandig persoon 🙂

Op de valreep gingen man en zoon nog even bij de meubels kijken, want we zochten al tijden naar een nieuwe stoel – zo één waar je lekker in kunt tv kijken en gamen – en een vervanging voor mijn elektrische sta-op/relaxstoel. En kijk nou toch eens!:

A perfect comfortable turning chair for the boys, and we like the look of it as well.



Een heerlijke zittende draaistoel voor de boys, die we nog mooi vinden ook.


A still nice looking and in working order, electric stand-up/reclining chair. It’s very comfortable, the colour is better than my old one (burgundy) and it’s not as colossal in the room. Because the mechanism works differently than my old chair it doesn’t have to come away from the wall as much and that makes a big difference in a small room.

And to end it all son 4 got a present when he went to the skip with his dad yesterday: a man wanted to throw out a western guitar but gave it to him instead!


Een nog nette en goedwerkende elektrische sta-op/relaxstoel. Hij zit heerlijk, de kleur is beter dan de vorige (bordeauxrood leer) en hij is minder kolossaal in de kamer. Omdat het mechanisme anders werkt dan mijn oude stoel hoeft hij niet zo ver naar voor te staan en dat scheelt veel als je woonkamer niet zo groot is.

En als klap op de vuurpijl kreeg zoon 4 gisteren toen hij met zijn vader naar de milieustraat ging van een meneer een westerngitaar kado!

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