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Knitting for easter

Hello readers

I have easter on my mind! I am knitting some sweet decorations to decorate the small metal tree in my window.

The small knitted birds aren’t finished yet, they will get felt beaks, wings and tails and will be decorated with beads. The pattern came from Let’s Knit magazine.


The other day I was given a gift-card by my mother in law for an online bookstore. I used it to get Arne & Carlos breien op hun paasbest (or : knitting for easter) Lovely book full of great pictures and patterns for knitting easter eggs, easterbunny, chicken and egg-sweaters.

I accidently hit “flash” on my camera so not all photo’s looked so great, but here’s an example made just with stripey sock yarn.


With the same yarn I covered a measuring tape


I’m also still working on this


Add to that a cardigan in progress and I guess I’m working on too many projects at the same time again.

Have a lovely day

Some treasures from the thriftshop

Hi everyone!

Last saturday we made a trip to the thriftshop to get a new ashtray and found the following items


A lovely cake plate from Flora Holland for just 1 euro


This beautiful champagne glass with ribbons and birds engraved on it for 50 eurocents


And of course the glass ashtray we were looking for 75 eurocents

the doily I made the other day


Looking at the photo I think I should block this actually, it looks a bit crumpled this way.

Party pics and a new mag

Hi everyone

I haven’t had much time to post these days, still working through the mountain of paperwork, but I did make some photo’s so here goes:

On saturday son 4 had his 15th birthday and his brothers and dad came visiting

Birthday boy showing off a present to granddad and grandma

Son 3 playing with my chair

I have not been knitting much

Let’s Knit was in the mail!

There was a nice article in it about knitting through time













Also a door to a new and hopefully brighter future is opening

Another present

Good day all.

It’s pretty chilly out today and raining, they say we may be having some snow later this month. It wouldn’t be impossible although it doesn’t happen often. Our eldest son will be 26 on the 10th and I remember that the day he was born we were all still in warm winter clothes and there was snow the following week.

April is birthday month in our family. There’s a birthday almost every week. Yesterday I’ve been making my mother in law, who will be 87 on the 15th, a present that will help her keep track of appointments and phone numbers and provides a shopping list as well.









It’s filled with pictures of scenes from our region with people in traditional costume.

I’ve also been working on the cotton cardigan from Let’s Knit. I am using Phildar Satine no.4 50% cotton, acrylic and I like the way it looks and feels. I’ll be knitting a bit more on it as I would love to be able to wear in on the 30th when it is Koninginnedag.

It’s traditional to wear either something orange (does salmon count?) or red, white and blue. Usually people wear just a ribbon or something but some people go overboard and are dressed in orange from top to toe, especially in Amsterdam where Koninginnedag is a big thing with people selling their unwanted stuff or home made things on the street and people coming from all over the country to join in the celebrations.


O dear I’ve started something new!

Hello readers

I’ve been trying to avoid it but the inevitable has happened; the latest issue of ‘Let’s Knit’ was in the mail and I have started on a new project…

I had promised myself not to start anything new until my UFO’s were finished but hey who can resist a pattern with their name on it? 🙂

Looking for the yarn for this project I came across a bag I made this winter out of a bikini top

Yesterday afternoon the doggies and me were out enjoying the nice weather for a while

Looking out on to the street, hoping for a dog to pass so she can bark it off

sun worshipping Sholo loves lounging in the sun at my feet or…

even better still: in the sun in my lap

Yesterday I also started on my wish list so here’s the rest of it, some pretty pictures of yarn, I just love these colours

















I leave you with a post about recycling book pages I found on Karboojeh’s blog

Inspiration: Ideas for recycling vintage book pages

What I’m working on/Waar ben ik mee bezig

It’s bright sunny sundaymorning and time for my first post.

The title is a bit odd actually, because I’m not working on anything at the moment.

This is what I made this past week:


Het is een stralende zondagmorgen en tijd voor mijn eerste post.

Eigenlijk is de titel een beetje gek, want ik ben nergens mee bezig op het moment.

Dit is wat ik heb gedaan de afgelopen week:

Son 3 needed a present for a friend who has just become a dad.

The pattern and wool came free with ‘let’s knit’ and I made the socks from the leftover yarn.


Zoon 3 had een kraamkadootje nodig voor een vriend die pas vader is geworden.

Het patroon en de wol waren van ‘let’s knit’ en de sokjes heb ik van de restjes gemaakt.

From another issue of ‘let’s knit’ I made a bib. I used Phildar cotton with aloë vera for this. Lovely to work with, só soft on your hands.


Uit een ander nummer van ‘let’s knit’ heb ik nog een slabbetje gemaakt. Hiervoor gebruikte ik katoen van Phildar

met aloë vera. Heerlijk om mee te breien, zó zacht aan je handen.

Some time ago I had also started on a facecloth made with leftover cotton from my ‘stash’ but because I fell ill it was left lying about. Yesterday I finally started working on it again and now it’s finished. Now there’s just one more UFO waiting to be finished: a cardigan knitten in the round. That will be waiting a bit longer, because I am still very tired and dread to have such a big project in my hands.

Yesterday the new ‘let’s knit’ magazine was in the mail so maybe there will be something smaller in there to start on?


Ik was ook al een tijdje geleden begonnen aan een waslapje van restjes katoen uit mijn ‘stash’ maar omdat ik ziek werd bleef dat alsmaar liggen. Gisteren ben ik er dan toch maar eens aan verder gegaan en nu is het af. Nu ligt er nog maar 1 breiwerk op me te wachten om afgemaakt te worden: een in het rond gebreid vest. Dat zal nog wel even blijven liggen, want ik ben nog erg moe en zie er tegenop om zo’n groot breiwerk in mijn handen te hebben.

Gisteren was de nieuwe ‘let’s knit’ bij de post dus misschien staat daar wel iets kleiners in om aan te beginnen?

Or I could start on the lampshade for a lamp I found in the Dorcas charityshop yesterday.


Of ik ga aan het kapje beginnen voor een schemerlampje dat ik gisteren vond in de Dorcaswinkel

Nice lamp and extraordinary lampshade (oval) but whát a combination! This definitely needs a different fabric.


Leuk voetje en aparte vorm kapje (ovaal) maar wát een combinatie zeg! Daar moet dus een ander stofje op.

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