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Back where I was born

Goodmorning, and a lovely sunny spring morning it is. They say it could be 20° next week!

On Saturdaymorning I played Portal 2 for a while. I’m already at chapter 7 again so not much more to go before I finish this game. It’s much more fun now I can handle the controls better and know how the game works. I’ve only needed help from son 4 twice so far and that is because I have a fear of heights in this game as well as in real life and that makes it hard for me to jump into a portal from great heights. It is silly to have such fear and sit with sweaty palms and heart racing, it is just a game after all. But I do find that is not so scary anymore the second time around, so maybe it will help with my fears in real life if I play games? Let’s hope so, because not being able to stand on a chair or stepladder is not very practical.

In the afternoon I have been out with my parents

Here we were close to Zierikzee, we drove over the Zeelandbrug which used to be the longest bridge in Europe for a long time – 5 km’s – I don’t like driving over it much as it is very narrow and I always worry about the car breaking down in the middle of the bridge, because there is nowhere to go, you have to stand still in the traffic lane

The sun was still out but there was a mist coming in from the sea and on the way back we could hardly see the car in front of us

The bridge has a section that opens to let boats through. We had to sit and wait for almost 10 minutes to let this tiny sailing boat pass under the bridge.

We’re almost there, Ridderkerk is where I was born and we were on our way to visit with my mum’s sister who has just moved out of the house she has lived in for the past 52 years into a lovely new flat just a few blocks away.

We were back home just in time for dinner and in the evening I worked a bit on one of the UFO’s I have found in my crafting cupboard

It’s a lovely picture by Dimensions and I started on this a few years ago, but then I couldn’t see the stitches very well anymore and lost interest. Now I want to finish it finaly and it is going well so far. I will probably be working on it again today since son 2 has the car and I will not be going anywhere because of it. I may also be cleaning our printer today as well, it is clogged up with old ink.

Have a lovely sunday!


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