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New neighbourhood part two

Hello readers,

Today another view of my new surroundings. The other day I have shown you where I go for a walk when I leave from the front of the house. This is where I go when I walk from the back of the house towards the town centre. Sadly it’s just a bit too far to walk to the shops so I sit on a bench and look out over the water with the ducks and swans on it and watch the traffic go past.

2012-10-08 16.54.24


We have several black swans in our town swimming in the moat where the fortified city-walls used to be (across the water)

2012-10-08 16.54.26


We live just outside the old city-walls in a neighbourhood that was built just after the second world war

2012-10-08 16.54.35

It’s a lovely view don’t you think?

Around my new home

Hello dear readers,

today I’ll give you a glimpse into my new surroundings:


View from upstairs at the back


We plan to close the bit to the right by the shed with a door and windows


Path towards the pond-area


The garden is divided up in to seperate ‘rooms’


Son 4’s handywork


Another ‘room’ surrounded by hedges and white roses, behind the boys another ‘room’ with a small shed


To the front there’s no garden but this is what we see from our bedroom

All the photo’s were taken last spring, this lovely garden was all ready made for us when we moved in. Nothing much to do but clipping hedges and a little bit of weeding. Sadly that means no real gardening or planting of vegetables for me : there is simply not enough room.

But I have started a small herb patch just beyond the seating area and I might try to squeeze in a few bulbs here and there and fill some pots.

The sun is shining and the washing is outside for the first time this year.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

New neighbourhood

Hi readers!

Last november I have moved to a different part of town to move in with my husband and give our marriage a second chance.

I was not sad at all to leave my old neighbourhood as too much drama had taken place there over the last two decades. In the time we lived there there had been drug abuse, terminal illnesses, broken relationships, suicides and murders among the people living on our street. Writing this it looks like a real bad place but it is a decent part of town with average families. I have had the feeling that something must be wrong with the spot itself for a while and the relief I felt once moved away confirmed this for me. I haven’t been able to find enough information to be sure but this is a bit of land that used to be outside the city-walls and could well have been a place where either a plague-house stood or worse a location where people were hanged. I do believe it is possible such strong emotions connected with death and illness can linger and stick to a location, disturbing the present.

In the new house there is nothing sinister, it’s just a lovely small place from the fifties and a big garden at the back in a quiet street.

The only thing we miss sometimes is the park I used to go to to walk the dogs. Although we are still on the edge of town there is not much opportunity to walk in a ‘ natural environment ‘ as we are surrounded by the town centre and shops, the railroad and the freeway.

This is as natural as it gets:

The freeway to the left, the road into town straight ahead and our neighbourhood to the right and behind me the railroad tracks.

2013-02-15 14.00.19 2013-02-15 14.00.10


This is how far I can walk now, although I have to rest for a while on a bench near those houses both ways, but I hope to get better and get beyond the bend in the road that leads away from town  in time.

I take Binti with me when I go here and she has a great time sniffing around in the grass, the wind in her hair.



Hello dear readers,

This morning I was a bit slow getting up, no time to walk the dogs before breakfast. Every morning I have to see to it that son 4 goes to school with something in his belly, takes his ritalin and packs all the right books and his lunchbox. He is getting better at doing everything himself but I still have to check to keep him out of trouble at school. They don’t seem to get that ADD is not something that magically disappears when you have a coach to guide you twice a week and that he is not forgetful on purpose. They still think punishment will help him remember to bring the right books or keep an appointment.

Anyway, as I was going to go out with our dogs after he had gone off to school, I was no longer in a rush to get back home. So we took the path up to the dyke and walked along it a bit further than usual. I am still amazed sometimes that I am able to do so, just six months ago I would have needed a wheelchair to go this far and now look at me! Admittedly I am glad to get back home and rest for a bit, because I still feel my back, but I am slowly but surely progressing every day and pushing myself to go al little further every time. It is good exercise and combined with callanetics and healthy eating habits it has made me lose seven kilo’s already.

Looking down on the pond where I usually walk

Binti and Chewbacca have spotted some ducks

Magical morning doggywalk


It’s saturday evening and finally time to sit down and write my post.

It has been a busy day with chores and shopping for groceries, visiting son 1 and re-homing one of son 4’s guinea pigs. We had lovely weather today, not at all what was expected (which was rain) and we could even spend some time outside in the sun.

I was up early this morning, did my exercises (I have lost 6 kilo’s by the way!) and went outside with the dogs. Binti is no longer in heat so she and Chewbacca can once again have their walks together much to their delight. They were quite adventurous this morning wanting to go off exploring together…

The sun was already shining through the trees creating a mystical atmosphere. I just love how quiet it is in the park at that early hour.

I had forgotten to put Chewbacca’s hair in a ‘topknot’  so his hair was all over the place.

There were a few brave little flowers

Next time I will have to bring my binoculars because I thought I saw Ruffs displaying in the distance, which is a rare sight.

Kemphaan balts, Philomachus pugnax

They were over by the pond in the distance.

It was just me and a lady runner on the dyke

I wish you could hear the birdsong all around

Life changes

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been too busy picking up the pieces of my life to go online and I just couldn’t face speaking about what’s happened just yet.

What’s happened you ask?

Well it has been hanging over me like a horrible thundercloud for the past 10 years and finally I couldn’t avoid it any more, I had to end my marriage of 28 years and quite abruptly as well. I have tried very hard to win this battle but I just couldn’t compete with my husbands mental disorder any more, the disease has defeated me to the point where I can not afford to live with him under the same roof anymore if I still want to continue to have a roof in the future to live under.

I feel very let down by the mental health care system, for we have been trying to get help for a decade now and still there is no adequate help for him. We are all very sad that this has happened and we are grateful that we are still able to communicate well and do not have feelings of resentment towards each other.

These past days I have been trying to adjust to my new tasks like walking the dogs several times a day. I’m very glad that my back pain is less than before so I can manage with some help from my boys, who are very sweet and caring right now. We are spending a lot of quality time together .

Last weekend son 1 and dear daughter in law came to help put up the new polytunnel in the garden. It was raining but that didn’t bother them. The frame is up and some of the plastic went over it but some adjustments still have to be made to it.

This morning I took my camera with me when I went out to walk Binti in the park at the end of our street, it was still early and very quiet and still to suit my mood, come with me on my daily walk…

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!

The wonder of beans and a discovery

Good morning friends!

I’m all exited today for I have learned my last new callanetics exercise and this means I’m nearly ready for stage 2 of the program! I’m definitely making progress here.

I’m growing Snap Pole beans in my windowsill and yesterday I looked at them every time I sat down at the table and every time they had grown a bit! Isn’t it wonderful how fast they can grow? I just love looking at the little leaf appearing and all just from a little warmth and light and water.

And this morning…there it was

It’s so nice to take the time to watch things grow every now and then.

I’m still going through boxes of ‘stuff’ in the attic and getting rid of a lot of unwanted items to clear some space to be able to put away the things we do need. I was going through a stack of  old books, I’m not sure where they came from but I’m guessing a house clearance we once did, when I saw this

It’s an account of the help that was given to Belgian refugees during WWI in our region. I know I kept it at the time to look through because I thought it could be interesting, but I never got around to actually read it. Yesterday I did read some of it and was very surprised to see a familiar name

H. Russcher was a member of a committee to support the foreign refugees in Tholen. My grandmother’s name was Russcher so I was immediately interested. Could this be a relative? I have done some research into our family tree and new that my gran’s dad came from a town called Meppel in the eastern part of the Netherlands so it was likely that the name was not a common name in Tholen. When I looked it up in my notes I saw that he had been a fishmerchant and that he had owned an inn in Tholen.

My gran’s name was Aaltje

I have been searching the internet but have found no proof yet ( I did find some brothers and sisters of my gran who were missing from the family tree) . But I phoned my parents and my dad ensures me that there were no other people by the name of Russcher in Tholen or surrounding villages so I am 99% sure this could either be my great grandfather or maybe (less likely because of his young age at the time) his son who was also called Hendrik. Now isn’t that exiting? And my dad tells me the inn may no longer be an inn but the building must still be there in the old town centre. Wouldn’t it be fun to go see it?

It was also interesting to learn that lot’s of food and clothing  and bedding had been sent from Canada and Chicago! They must have needed it badly for there were only around 6 million people living in the Netherlands at the time and in about a month they were accommodating around 1 million refugees! That must have been quite an effort. People were living in makeshift shacks in large barns, in churches and schools and in people’s homes when they ran out of places to put them up. It must have been hard on them during the winter months in a small drafty shack, often with a lot of children

Babies were born

Chart of the influx of refugees, mostly by boat and train. Tholen is just a small town but they had a 1000 refugees at the time.

But all the reports say that the Belgian people did not complain. They were given meals, soup most days (beans and peas) and porridge on friday and on sunday potatoes, unions and carrots with some meat. In fact they had it so good that the government had to gently persuade them to go back home to Belgium when there was no immediate danger any more! We Dutch were getting a bit tired of their Burgundian way of living, they were just too loud and cheerful for us Calvinistic Dutch people and also people were starting to worry about Belgian workers taking their jobs.

It would be interesting to go to the archives one day and see if there is more to find about how it was in Tholen at the time and maybe some photographs as well.

Have a good day.

Wonderful woodland

Hello friends on this cold but very bright morning,

Yesterday afternoon we went to what’s called ‘the hunting forest’. It’s just a few kilometres from our home and in the past you were not allowed to walk there. Now they’ve made nice paths and parking space and so that’s where we went for our walk. It’s a magical woodland and we were able to take some lovely photo’s. There were lot’s of people with dogs and Binti had a very good time. And I was able to recharge my batteries ready to face a difficult week ahead where some life changing decisions have to be made.

Once we got back home, a little late because we took the wrong path and had to walk another 15 minutes to reach our car :-), I finished the cross stitch picture my mum had made. Today I will be looking for a suitable frame.

Have a wonderful day!


Such a beautiful day

Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, it’s almost 20º and so we took a nice walk just a few km from our town, hubby, son 4 and me:

Driving back home…

This is the flat my parents used to live in (ground floor) it is being demolished and new ones like the one in the background are being built. We don’t like it much: too high too much of a sore spot in the cityscape and skyline.

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