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Hello everyone,

Yesterday was my dad’s 84th birthday. They have a nice venue in the appartment building where they live so all the relatives can come.

My sister and her husband do the catering and my niece is the waitress for the day and that way my parents can enjoy the day without wearing themselves out.

Although it is always nice to see all the relatives that live far away I’m always exhausted after a day like that. I tend to pick up on all the emotions and tensions there may be between everybody and it drains away my energy. so today was a day of recovering from that. Not much was produced, apart from cutting off the sleeves of my cardigan due to a hole appearing in one elbow and making it into a short-sleeved cardigan

Birthday boy chatting with my mum’s sister. Strange things happened with the photographs because of the enormous amount of light coming in from the side.

There was an Easter theme going on

Everyone having a good time

Talking about times past, r.t.l. my mum, auntie, 2 cousins

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