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Flea markets and presents

Hello dear readers,

Yesterday was such a busy day with some unexpected visitors that I didn’t get a chance to post.

In the morning Hubby and I went to two flea markets in villages nearby and this is what we found

this lovely hall lamp. I like the shape and the look of it with the grey metal coming through but I still have to repaint as big chips of paint keep falling off. It was a bit too expensive actually, we usually don’t buy stuff over 5 euro’s and this was 7.50 after some haggling but I liked it too much to let it go.

For when I’m finished with the first book, which will be a while yet I’m afraid, but it’s good motivation. It was 1 euro

I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s to hold in your lap while peeling potatoes. It was handmade by the man in the stall and he was sooo proud of his work 🙂 It was just 1 euro.  I’m still in doubt if I will leave it looking like this. I would like it to be all white but then again, I also like to keep it like the man made it.

I also came across this Wade whimsy. I used to collect these as a child when we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Britain. They somehow got lost over the years but whenever I see one in a charity shop or flea market for less than 50 euro cents I take it home with me. This one was 20 cents.

When we got back in town we went to a shop called Action and I got this

some pretty pink nail polish for less than a euro, to celebrate the lovely spring weather and to go with this…

the first high-heeled shoes I’ve bought in I guess over 10 years! They were just 9,95 so I thought I could risk not being able to walk in them LoL

As it turned out I could walk in them although a little pain was involved as I blister very easily. But I so love the look I am going to wear them regardless of the blisters. I’ll just cover my toes in plasters and look pretty 🙂

In the afternoon dear daughter in law came visiting and she brought me presents, isn’t that sweet?

She had been on a shopping spree in a local shop before opening hours with a friend who works there and had brought home lots of nice things for bottom prices

She gave me this lovely tea-pot door stopper, which is way to pretty to sit on the floor and be played with by the doggies maybe, so it now sits on the coffee table together with these lovely candles I have yet to unwrap. One is magnolia scented, mmmm lovely

She also gave me this lovely frog to go outside on the window so I can read the outside temperature. I have a thing about frogs and toads, don’t know why and I used to actively collect them until it got to be a little too much to display. Now they just sit in a box in the attic waiting until I find a nice wall cabinet to put them in. I don’t actively collect them myself anymore but sometimes the kids give me one and I love them.

I’m also making thing out of old books and loving it, such a nice idea. These are the first things I made, more to come soon…

Have a lovely sunday!


Thrifting/Rondje tweedehandswinkels

Tuesday was the first day this month I felt reasonably fit again and it was a nice sunny day so we: me, hubby and son 4 got out together to see what was in the thriftshops.


Dinsdag was de eerste dag dat ik me weer redelijk fit voelde en het was stralend weer dus zijn we: ik, manlief en zoon 4 er samen op uitgetrokken om eens lekker in de tweedehandswinkels te snuffelen.

I faithfully keep every mourning, marriage and birth card in a scrapbook, but after 27 years it didn’t look so nice anymore (left) fortunately I found a new scrapbook.


Ik bewaar altijd rouw,trouw en geboortekaartjes in een plakboek, maar na 27 jaar zag het er niet meer zo netjes uit (links) gelukkig vond ik een nieuw exemplaar.

I just had to add a nice bit of paper (thank you Flow magazine!) and a label with a nice picture to get a nice looking scrapbook for all the cards. It wasn’t so easy to get all the cards out of the old map without damaging them, but I did achieve it in the end and after sorting out and putting away all the cards from people I’m no longer in contact with it looks nice again.


Even een leuk papiertje (dankjewel Flow!) en een etiket met leuk plaatje en ik heb weer een frisse map voor alle kaarten. Het was nog een heel gedoe om alle kaarten heel uit de oude map te halen, maar het is gelukt en nadat ik alle kaarten van mensen waar ik geen contact meer mee heb er uit heb gelaten ziet het er weer netjes uit.

My adress book was also a bit damaged and full of data that was no longer up to date, so this adress book was also a welcome find. The old adress book did have quite a bit of empty pages and I kept those to recycle, more about that later.


Ook mijn adresboek was wat gehavend en stond vol met adressen die niet meer up to date waren, dus dit was ook een welkome vondst. Het oude adresboek had nog aardig wat lege blaadjes en die heb ik bewaard om te recyclen, daarover later meer.

In the same shop I found these nice summer shoes, I can’t wait to put them on. I’m not sure about the cost of every item because we also found a stack of computergames for son 4 and two tablecloths for the garden table and we payed 10 euro’s for the lot.


In dezelfde winkel vond ik deze leuke zomerschoenen, ik kan niet wachten tot ik ze kan dragen. Ik weet niet precies wat alles kost per stuk want we hadden ook nog een stapel computerspelletjes voor zoon 4 en 2 tafelkleden voor de tuintafel en we kregen alles mee voor 10 euro.

In another shop I found this camisole by M&S fashion, 55% linnen, 45% cotton, 2 euro’s 50 cents, and that I cán wear now under a t-shirt.


In een andere winkel vond ik dit hemdje van M & S mode, 55% linnen, 45% katoen, 2 euro 50, en dat kan onder een t-shirt al wél gedragen worden.

In this shop I also found this book for 2 euro’s. Because of my bad back I can’t really excercise a lot and it seems these excercises are doable. I have done the arm and neck excercises, but I haven’t gotten to the rest yet because I struggle to learn things like this : having bad motor skills 🙂

Just before leaving hubby and son went to check out the furniture section, because we have been looking for a new chair  for ages – one you can lounge in watching tv and gaming – and a replacement for my electric stand-up/reclining chair. And now look what we found!:


In deze winkel vond ik ook dit boek voor 2 euro. Door mijn rugklachten kan ik niet echt sporten en het lijkt er op dat deze oefeningen wel te doen zijn. Ik heb de arm en nek oefeningen al geprobeerd, maar verder ben ik niet gekomen want ik heb altijd veel moeite zulke dingen uit mijn hoofd te leren: motorisch onhandig persoon 🙂

Op de valreep gingen man en zoon nog even bij de meubels kijken, want we zochten al tijden naar een nieuwe stoel – zo één waar je lekker in kunt tv kijken en gamen – en een vervanging voor mijn elektrische sta-op/relaxstoel. En kijk nou toch eens!:

A perfect comfortable turning chair for the boys, and we like the look of it as well.



Een heerlijke zittende draaistoel voor de boys, die we nog mooi vinden ook.


A still nice looking and in working order, electric stand-up/reclining chair. It’s very comfortable, the colour is better than my old one (burgundy) and it’s not as colossal in the room. Because the mechanism works differently than my old chair it doesn’t have to come away from the wall as much and that makes a big difference in a small room.

And to end it all son 4 got a present when he went to the skip with his dad yesterday: a man wanted to throw out a western guitar but gave it to him instead!


Een nog nette en goedwerkende elektrische sta-op/relaxstoel. Hij zit heerlijk, de kleur is beter dan de vorige (bordeauxrood leer) en hij is minder kolossaal in de kamer. Omdat het mechanisme anders werkt dan mijn oude stoel hoeft hij niet zo ver naar voor te staan en dat scheelt veel als je woonkamer niet zo groot is.

En als klap op de vuurpijl kreeg zoon 4 gisteren toen hij met zijn vader naar de milieustraat ging van een meneer een westerngitaar kado!

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