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A pruned tree!

Goodmorning! When I look out the window I see the birds investigating our willowtree. Finally it has been decided that buying a new blade for our treesaw would be the best thing to do and then it was just 20 minutes before all, yes áll the branches were off!

Now the big branches are waiting to be cut to size for the roof of the chickencoop. Once that’s done it is time for the annual tidying-up of the yard and cleaning the pavement.

Meanwhile I have been busy cross stitching

I needed to finish before lunch, because I was planning to do some mending in the afternoon and

with the sewing machine out I could also put the cushion together. Now it just needs filling up with herbs and a ribbon attached so it can go in the closet.

After doing my pile of mending I thought I’d better clean and oil my sewing machine. I have been sadly neglecting my trusty machine and had never attempted to open it up to clean other than the bit where the bobbin goes. So I went online to search for a tutorial and found this usefull video: sewing machine maintenance

After watching I was confident enough to open up the machine and do some dusting. No oil yet, I will have to buy some today. This morning I will be continuing the cleaning because I haven’t yet managed to open the top and the side where the belt is located. My machine is a Brother super ace 3 and a bit more complicated than the one shown in the video.

I’ve also started clearing up the mess in my workroom in the attic. Unfortunately living with three people with ADD  means that however hard I try to keep it tidy, eventually someone wíll drop stuff in there when they are looking for something in the attic or clearing out junk from their studio (son 3 – KratosHimself – is studying to be a music producer and has made a studio in the bedroom in the attic which is overflowing with musical instruments and lots and lots of records and computer equipment ) To make matters worse hubby decided to ‘help’ me by reorganizing my workroom when I was ill, and now I can’t find anything anymore. So I guess I will be up there a lot this week…



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