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catching up

Hi readers,

Over the last few days I just could not find the time to blog, too busy with other things – mainly crochet, you will see the results soon.

Blogging often means editing photographs first, for me at least it does. So that is what I did this morning and I had a lot of fun doing so!

Here are some of the results: Son 4 wanted me to take some pictures of him playing the guitar and in his stage outfit…




Last week it was spring holiday for him so he went along to some of the thrift shops that are a bit further away and here are some of my treasures


I fond this lovely dark blue Creation Gabrielle handbag at Goodwill in Kapelle. It’s a leather bag in very good condition and it cost me just 1,50 euro. I just looked the bag up on google and found one for sale for 12,95 so I think I did o.k. here! It is not my preferred style but it is very practical so I guess I’ll use it a lot.

I found another handbag in the shop for Romania in Grijpskerke, it’s a lot older and in terrible condition, the moths have had a great meal of it! It was just 1 euro and I bought it to use the lovely clasp.


Can you see the moth holes in the wool fabric around the clasp?

I hope I will be able to attach new fabric in the same shape.


In the same shop I found this book, a little more expensive than I would like for a book – 3 euro – but in mint condition and something to keep for future generations as it talks about the history of homemaking from the eighteen-hundreds up to the nineteen-eighty’s.

It has lot’s of photographs that bring back childhood memories




We also went to Middelburg and there I found this pretty vase with an etched flower on it


I’m not sure how old it is but it is handblown and I love the shape of it, isn’t it amazing what lovely things you can buy for just a few

euro cents?

Yesterday the weather changed and it was a lovely sunny day just like today with temperatures of around 12 degrees C, so we went for a walk  and halfway sat down to look at the passing traffic and comment on people’s coats and scarfs. We saw quite a variety of styles, some nice, some you could only describe as ‘ strange’ .


This was our view from the bench.

Today is another lovely sunny day, 15 degrees today!  And this afternoon I’m going to the thrift shops in Kapelle with my parents.

I hope you will have a lovely day too.

Years ago we owned a car like this one, I still remember the musty smell, the big steering wheel that made you feel like you were in a truck (the heavy steering helped with that feeling), the way I almost had to stand up to use the clutch, the handbreak that was so far to the right I almost couldn’t reach it and that meant that I could never drive up a steep hill by myself, the windscreen wiper (just 1!) that had a motor that would stop whenever the rain was too persistent so you’d have to wipe by hand, the fact that you could put a bicycle standing up behind the driver’s seat it was sooo wide, the vacation driving from Sheerness to Lands End in England, the fact we were driven to church in this car when we married, so many memories…sadly also very much money that went into the upkeep of this car…too much in the end to be fun anymore so we sold it in the nineties.

Cambodia and Vietnam Photography

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2nd chance5

Hello everyone

Yesterday I went to Arnemuiden with son 4 and the singer of the band 2nd chance5 and a lot of equipment in the back of the car.

Son 4 plays bass-guitar in this punk grunge rock band.

They were allowed to make a video clip inside an over 200-year-old workshop here: werfarnemuiden 


I think they were very lucky to be allowed to do this, it is a beautiful location, and they had a great time making photo’s and filming.






guitar overkill?

don’t you just love the little pink keytar?

birthday 2012

Hi, how are you today?

Long time no see. Sorry about that. I’ve been very busy these past few days. On saturday son 4 had his birthday party: a mini lan party with some of his classmates playing soccer on the playstation.  The livingroom was a mess of tv-sets, playstations and power cables all over the floor, boys scattered around the place on various chairs and hardly a place left to sit down. They had a lot of fun according to the noise levels 🙂

Halfway we left them to it to go and buy my birthday presents

This lovely pink case

to hold this

lovely pink camera

They are both pink because I like the colour but also because the boys will be less tempted to borrow it from me! Hopefully it will result in better quality pictures.

On sunday was my actual birthday – 48 already. We had a fun afternoon with the family. Do yóu think we are a bit goofy?

On monday it was Queensday here and we were off to the “vrijmarkt” (on Queensday everyone can sell their goods and food in the streets) We needed lots of household items for the new place to furnish. We went to Kapelle first and bought a car load of stuff for next to nothing. The whole family helped out, pairing up in teams with different shopping lists. It worked very well; we got most of what we needed. In the afternoon we went to Heinkenszand and Wolphaartsdijk where we found some more items. By three in the afternoon we were very worn out and needed a rest and some food. We had a sit down at the village hall for a drink and some french fries. It was very crowded and a band was soundchecking to play later, also people were drinking heavily so we didn’t stay long.

When we came home we had to sort through a mountain of stuff in the living room. Luckily we had some boxes and the kids helped so things were soon organized and the boxes put in the car to take into storage the next day.

I’m still recovering, my muscles ache, my back hurts. I’m so glad the boys are home (spring break) to help out. No walking the dogs for me this week.

Now I’m off to make breakfast. Fedde’s coach is coming this morning. Later today we have a dentist appointment I’m dreading: there’s always work to do on my not so sturdy teeth.

have a great day.

Such a beautiful day

Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, it’s almost 20º and so we took a nice walk just a few km from our town, hubby, son 4 and me:

Driving back home…

This is the flat my parents used to live in (ground floor) it is being demolished and new ones like the one in the background are being built. We don’t like it much: too high too much of a sore spot in the cityscape and skyline.

Back where I was born

Goodmorning, and a lovely sunny spring morning it is. They say it could be 20° next week!

On Saturdaymorning I played Portal 2 for a while. I’m already at chapter 7 again so not much more to go before I finish this game. It’s much more fun now I can handle the controls better and know how the game works. I’ve only needed help from son 4 twice so far and that is because I have a fear of heights in this game as well as in real life and that makes it hard for me to jump into a portal from great heights. It is silly to have such fear and sit with sweaty palms and heart racing, it is just a game after all. But I do find that is not so scary anymore the second time around, so maybe it will help with my fears in real life if I play games? Let’s hope so, because not being able to stand on a chair or stepladder is not very practical.

In the afternoon I have been out with my parents

Here we were close to Zierikzee, we drove over the Zeelandbrug which used to be the longest bridge in Europe for a long time – 5 km’s – I don’t like driving over it much as it is very narrow and I always worry about the car breaking down in the middle of the bridge, because there is nowhere to go, you have to stand still in the traffic lane

The sun was still out but there was a mist coming in from the sea and on the way back we could hardly see the car in front of us

The bridge has a section that opens to let boats through. We had to sit and wait for almost 10 minutes to let this tiny sailing boat pass under the bridge.

We’re almost there, Ridderkerk is where I was born and we were on our way to visit with my mum’s sister who has just moved out of the house she has lived in for the past 52 years into a lovely new flat just a few blocks away.

We were back home just in time for dinner and in the evening I worked a bit on one of the UFO’s I have found in my crafting cupboard

It’s a lovely picture by Dimensions and I started on this a few years ago, but then I couldn’t see the stitches very well anymore and lost interest. Now I want to finish it finaly and it is going well so far. I will probably be working on it again today since son 2 has the car and I will not be going anywhere because of it. I may also be cleaning our printer today as well, it is clogged up with old ink.

Have a lovely sunday!


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