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Letting go

I am mourning

Mourning the dead and the living

Mourning the unforgiving

The ones that ran away

The ones that never made it

That may have faked it

Who, in the end, had nothing more to say

The music has died down

The players have left

The lyrics have dried up

There is no more sound

Feels like soultheft

The end of the road can not be seen yet

Where will I go from here

I’m as shaken as I can get

I crumble when I lose one so dear

Uncertain of how to be

I sit here wondering how

The causes I still can’t see

Not sure what to think of you now

Of one thing I am sure

I will not be running

I am here


my ground









Old snapshot in the paper

hair verso

wedding suit on

looking like an actor in a silent picture show

who is this man

I know him not

what did he contemplate

what did he envision

familiar visage

but he knows me not

squandered time

dissipated hours

voiceless picture

chilled hearts

irreclaimable love

missed chances

conjectures formed

nothing resolved

played with the damsel

never with the butterfly

doing chores together

growing seedlings

somewhere it went wrong

it got stuck

but why

seemed to love the damsel

wants nothing to do with the woman

forever looking for approval

feels like a piece is missing

why not see me as I am

image in the paper

just a man in a snap

don’t really know him

before long you will be doddering

soon we will be alien eternally

squandered time

dissipated hours

voiceless picture

chilled hearts

irreclaimable love

missed chances

conjectures formed

nothing resolved

Knitting words


Knitting knitting
one stitch at a time
thread binding the hours
looping my days
into an endless array
of colours
connecting my thoughts
arranging concepts in my mind
nothing else to do
but pass the time
words fall into place
they gather in my head
like the stitches on the needles
emotions into words
that gather in my pen
and flow unto the paper
knitting poetry
clicking words
time will pass
pain will pass
and I will still be here

Some more words

Little girl




Where does she fit in?

Wants to be wanted

Boy or girl

Should she be made to make a choice?

Short hair

Girly dress

Boyish Shoes

Are they trying to confuse?

Growing and changing

Tries to fit the mould

But it is an obscure thing

She wants to fit in

She cannot fit in

She will not fit this mould


Not a magazine picture

She wants to be in 3D

She’s a Technicolor person

But only the grays are allowed

Aiming to please

Longing to be loved

She tries to curb and bend

But almost explodes out

Insanity is around the corner

She needs to be saved



The cage that’s built around her

It will not be broken down

It lasts forever

But slowly cracks appear

Technicolor shards pour out

Most will just ignore them

But some will see

The Technicolor person inside of me




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